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New Glassware

From eye catching detail with timeless designs, our NEW and extensive selection of Glassware caters for every occasion.

Whether that be from starting the day with a refreshing fruit or botanical infused water, to a settled night of endless cocktails and wine it is sure to serve you with a great experience.

Kastalia Tumblers

With its timeless design, the Kastalia Tumblers are great in any hotel, bar or restaurant for a premium drink service.

The Kastalia lends itself to presenting a variety of cocktails, Gin and Tonics or simply as a water glass.

Jerte Tumbler

Our Fully Tempered Tumblers are durable and reliable, perfect for hotels, bars and restaurants.

The straight sided design is simple yet adds a modern touch to any drink service. This new 36cl glass is a great addition to the range.

Kalita Rocks Tumbler

With its contemporary design and heavy base, the Kalita Tumbler lends itself to presenting cocktails such as Old Fashions, Negronis or a Whiskey Sour.

Barrel Tumbler

The Barrel Tumbler is great for any casual dining setting looking for fun drink presentation options.

Whether used for Milkshakes, Cocktails or Iced Coffees, the Barrel Tumbler will add the wow factor to beverage service.

Gala Gin Cocktail Glass

Over the last few years, there has been no denying that Gin has been a great seller on the market, becoming a favourite to many.

The Gala Gin Glass features a large capacity bowl, making it perfect for presenting Gin and Tonics with plenty of ice and garnish.