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Micro 15 Multiple Contact Charging Shelf (15)

Sold in Multiples Of: 3

SKU: H1800C-000000-B01003

 357.78 Ex. Vat

Additional information

Dimensions185 × 360 × 15 cm

Our Micro charging shelves are perfect to charge up to 15 lamps at once, so you can efficiently keep all your lamps charged up. Buying multiple shelves allows you to make a charging tower which can create a compact and neat charging station for your hospitality venue.

Charging matt is supplied with cable and plugs needed Up to 15 Premium Micro lamps can be charged at one time Average charge time for a micro lamp is 9 hours for a full charge This shelf works for the Micro Bermuda, Montego and Antigua ranges For EU plug please see H1810C