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Noah Champagne Flute 17.5cl/6oz

Material: Sodalime glass Sodalime glass

Sold in Multiples Of: 6

SKU: V4664

 4.31 Ex. Vat


Noah Champagne Flute 17.5cl/6oz

Additional information

Weight0.43 kg
Dimensions0.09 × 0.09 × 0.25 cm

221 x 60.5mm (H x Dia)

Durable and consistent level of quality manufactured glass with excellent clarity
Dishwasher safe - strong and durable, shock tested and capable of industrial dishwasher cycles, while maintaining clarity
Sheer rim - sheer rim glasses feature a fine and beadless edge which has been produced to give optimal contact with the mouth enabling wine to be directed to specific tasting areas.
Seamless flame polished stem - no seam between the bowl and stem, ensuring a more enjoyable drinking experience and an aesthetically pleasing glass.